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National Strategy: China's precision medicine is making big strides forward

National Strategy: China's precision medicine is making big strides forward

At present, the precision medical industry cluster represented by the United States and China and Europe is taking shape.
  At present, the precision medical industry cluster represented by the United States and China and Europe is taking shape.
  In 2015, the Ministry of Science and Technology held the “National Precision Medical Strategy Expert Meeting” and established the China Precision Medical Strategy Expert Group. A total of 19 experts formed the National Precision Medical Strategy Expert Committee, and plans to invest 60 billion yuan by 2030. Precision medicine has risen in China as a "national strategy."
  In recent years, China's policy in the field of precision medicine has been very intensive and is accelerating the follow-up of industry supervision. At the same time, the National Guide for Precision Medicine also puts forward the key directions of “queue, big data, biomarkers, precision prevention, and precise treatment”.
  The Chinese version of the Precision Medical Program will be based on big data and use genetic sequencing as a tool to develop more targeted treatments for specific diseases and specific patients. Therefore, big data is the foundation of precision medicine in human genome sequencing technology. Driven by biomedical analysis technology and big data analysis tools, the precision medical market is growing rapidly.
  Focusing on the world, the focus on cancer, the precision medical industry covering the entire process from early screening, assisted diagnosis, accompanying diagnosis to precise treatment has been formed.
  Throughout the country, the intensive release of policies, the increasing incidence of cancer and mortality, and the continuous breakthrough in precision medical technology have jointly promoted the formation of the domestic precision medical industry in recent years, except for Beishangguang. In addition, areas with better medical technology accumulation in the central and eastern regions represented by Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are becoming the bridgeheads for the development of precision medicine.
  Among them, technologies such as PCR and antibody drugs have developed earlier and are more mature, and the gene sequencing enterprises have also grown rapidly with the development of technology in recent years. Only 1395 companies in the three sub-areas of gene sequencing, PCR and antibody drugs occupy the country. Most of it.
  Since 2013, a total of 243 publicly disclosed financings have occurred in China's precision medical field. Except for the 58 undisclosed amounts, the single transaction amount of 67 transactions exceeded 100 million yuan. According to the statistics of 148 transactions that explicitly disclosed the specific amount, the total amount of financing has grown very rapidly, from 2.2 billion in 2013 to nearly 10 billion in 2016.
  On the whole, early financing still accounts for the majority, the average amount is low, while the amount of financing in the middle and late period is greatly reduced, but the large amount of financing is written. The average amount of the round B and later has exceeded 100 million, D round and The average amount of the eight previous financing orders exceeded 300 million.
  From a time perspective, 2015 is the year of the outbreak of precision medical capital market. The significant decline in quantity and total amount in 2017 reflects that the early capital layout has been basically completed.
  From the field of subdivision technology, gene sequencing, liquid biopsy, antibody drugs, etc. are the key areas of capital distribution. In these three areas, a total of 195 financings were completed, involving a total amount of 20.84 billion yuan. Among them, the highest amount of financing is antibody drugs, 62 financing reached 11.39 billion yuan, compared with 101 financing in the field of gene sequencing, a total of 6.11 billion yuan.
  Junlian Capital and Qiming Venture Capital are two of the most typical investment institutions in the field of precision medical treatment. They are distributed in the fields of gene sequencing, PCR, antibody drugs and liquid biopsy.